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In the far future, humanity has colonized other planets, and is actively exploring the galaxies. After millenia of non contact, they believe they are alone in space. However, they keep discovering the ruins of other civilizations. Why did they disappear? What can we do to avoid the same fate?

The players are a team of specialists working for a university research programme. The task of such retrieval teams is to explore planets, find ruins, and bring back or record anything interesting.

The economy of the future is libertarian. The university pays a pittance for artefacts unless they are truly groundbreaking, so often a retrieval team must find its own way of making money – from shipping cargo and taking on passengers to fighting pirates – or committing piracy themselves. Laws are hard to enforce across galaxies. This means that some of the worst problems are rival retrieval teams.

At xenoarchaeological sites, there are numerous issues to deal with. Aside from the usually inhospitable environments, the local flora and fauna are not always safe or friendly. Ruins can be difficult to navigate at best, and nightmarish deathtraps at worst. And everyone dreams about meeting a Survivor of any of the ancient civilizations – but fervently hopes that it never happens in real life…


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